Cagey – describes a fighter who, during a fight, has the ability to quickly alter his style, making the necessary adjustments needed to defeat his opponent. “He’s known for his cagey style “ OR, “He’ known for his caginess …” page 26

Dumped – used to describe a fighter who knocked down an opponent during a fight “He was dumped with a left hook” Also, used in describing an opponent getting hit with many blows. “He’s dumping on his guy in the middle of the ring” … page 59

Feeling out period – is when, at the beginning of the fight, the two fighters seem to be doing little, if any fighting, and are pawing at one another or just standing, facing one another. This usually lasts a round or two, yet sometimes even longer before they begin to relax and settle into the fight…  page 67

Floundering – describes a fighter who is staggering around the ring because of taking too many punches from his opponent. Also, I‘ve heard this word used to describe a fighter who is struggling in a fight against a much superior opponent .. page 72

Haymaker – is a word used to describe a very serious, powerful punch. It usually refers to a hook that has much power, very capable of knocking out an opponent. It originated from the olden days when hay was cut by hand, with a scythe thus, the powerful side to side sweeping motion of the back, torso and arms similar to the movement associated with the hook.  “He was hit with a haymaker that ended the fight”…  Page 86

( A ) Heavy Punch – means a punch that has a lot power, but lacks crispness. Speed creates crispness and speed equates to power; knock out power. A heavy punch has some power and is used mostly by sluggers; very tired sluggers. A heavy punch lands with a thud rather than a snap which describes crispness & stinging power, usually from the jab. … Page 87

Slickster – is a fighter who has excellent defensive skills, making him very difficult to hit … Page 171

Slobberknock – describes a fight where one fighter totally controlled his opponent by knocking him down repeatedly during a fight … page171

Windmill/ing– this describes a fighter who is throwing many punches. However, it also means a fighter who is throwing many punches that are wild, looping punches and have little or any power behind them and seldom hitting their intended target  …page 219

Workhorse – has two meanings 1 ) describes a fighter who has been fighting for a long time and considered by many, a good fighter, but not a great fighter and definitely  not a champion. A work horse is a fighter, usually past his prime who fights for pure enjoyment “He’s a workhorse, he’ll fight every night if you let him “ 2) describes a fighter who pushes himself, has a lot of heart and determination and is always striving to be the beast. Out of the ring, he’s a “gym rat” and again, always working and striving in perfecting his game “He’s a workhorse, never stopping” … page  221

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